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Join Artist Robyn Sean Peterson at the Manitou Arts Center for "The Inward Gaze: Magic & Mystery of the Archetype. 

Mystery and synchronicity have been the hallmarks of Robyn Sean Peterson’s artistic journey. It began on a particularly fortuitous afternoon while waiting for the light to change at a street corner in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Glancing down, he noticed a scrap of a magazine page with a human eye on it. An intuitive voice told him to put it in his pocket and take it home.

Over the last two decades, Peterson has collected thousands of pieces of source material such as magazine and catalog clippings, fabric and gift-wrap samples, and found objects, which have been transformed into intricate collage images that explore states of spiritual and psychological awareness. “My artwork is a form of mystical realism,” Peterson explains; “and emanates from the Collective Unconscious as an expression of revelation rather than outer observation.


Colorado Springs Independent


Artist Robyn Sean Peterson doesn’t think he chose to start making art. Rather, the art chose him.

It started in the 1980s. Peterson lived in San Francisco at the time. The way he recalls it, he was standing by a streetlight in Chinatown on an otherwise inauspicious day, when he looked down and saw a torn scrap of magazine with a human eye on it. He describes an “intuitive voice” that told him to put it in his pocket and take it home.

Cottonwood Center for the Arts

Cottonwood Center for the Arts is proud to present Spirit Emissaries and Forgotten Gods, a dynamic new show by Cottonwood artist Robyn Peterson, which presents a powerfully evocative installation of shamanic imagery paired with selected instrumental soundscapes.

Tapping the pan-cultural source of human mythology, psychology and religion, in a type of “artistic metaphysical archeology,” Peterson believes he created these works in partnership with “Beings from the Collective Unconscious that wanted to be seen. They are archetypal in nature and have perpetually reemerged from the human psyche throughout history in different forms.”


Springs Magazine


October usually brings to mind images of Halloween ghosts and goblins. But over the past few years, more and more people in the Pikes Peak region are thinking Arts Month.

“It felt like we needed to beat our chest more about all the great things happening in our creative community,” says Andy Vick. He’s executive director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR), the nonprofit that has spearheaded the event since its creation in 2014. “This seemed like a great way to do that." 

Additional Publications and Galleries

Magical Blend Magazine

•    October 1992, Issue 36; cover artist

•    January 1993, Issue 37; contributing artist

•    April 1993, Issue 38; featured portfolio

•    October 1993, Issue 40; contributing artist

•    July 1994, Issue 43; contributing artist

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